Objectives of this role

• Manage worksites for new-construction as well as remodeling projects, coordinating activities and ensuring that all work is in sync with project goals and objectives

• Provide direction to general contractors, subcontractors, and vendors when doing groundwork to ensure that quality standards are being met • Liaise with architects, and others working on a project

• Prepare and manage estimates, budgets, timetables, and resources

• Identify, mitigate, and track recurring construction issues

• Adhere to legal regulations, building and safety codes, and other requirements Responsibilities

• Collaborate with architects, subcontractors and laborers and coordinate their schedules

• Visit sites regularly during construction to ensure adherence to standards and plans

• Conduct and document quality assurance and safety inspections throughout the construction process, ensuring that the work environment is acceptable and that tools and equipment are in good working condition

• Maintain and update SOW and preconstruction documents, and meet contract obligations by developing relationships with reliable contractors and vendors

• Respond efficiently and effectively to work delays, emergencies, and other project disruptions

Required skills and qualifications

• Three or more years of experience in managing new-construction and remodeling projects

• Knowledge of construction methods and technologies and an ability to interpret technical drawings and contracts

• Knowledge of building-code requirements and scheduling methods

• Ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously with an eye for quality

• Knowledge of construction worksite safety practices Preferred skills and qualifications

• Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent experience) in engineering or related field

• Ability to communicate in more than one language

Apply to : hr@spyrosltd.com

Deadline: 25th November, 2023