How to write an application letter for internship

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How to write an application letter for internship vs full time-employment

We have written a lot of content on how to write an application letter for job search.

However, we thought that “how to write an application letter for an internship” may prove invaluable to tertiary students who constitute a good percentage of our blog readership.

The perfect application letter for internship should, therefore, focus on the following key points:

Your education
Your passion
What you intend to, rather than what you have done.

However, where no such requirements exist and you’re just sending a speculative internship application or to a generic email address, you must get the letter format right in order to catch the employer’s attention.

Your name, email address and phone number at the top of the page on the right
The name of the business and the contact person’s full name on the left
Specify in the subject of the email, which position you’re applying for
An address to the reader directly (e.

g. Where you do not know the addressee, use “Dear Hiring Manager”

Briefly introduce yourself and specify where you heard about the internship
Give background information about your program of study.

Other Attributes Count

Since you do not have any formal work experience, you can highlight the following to show you will fit in and not waste anybody’s time:

General skills that help you work in a team and as part of an organisation.

Personal attributes that will help you learn to work in a professional work environment
Volunteer experience or school club leadership positions that highlight your strengths
Athletic or sports experience (if relevant)
Any hobbies or interests that are relevant to the job or demonstrate your professional experience.

No Experience, No Problem!

When writing an application letter for an internship, be absolutely honest about the fact that you do not have any real world experience.

For example, if you previously worked as a storekeeper in your Uncle’s minimart, you could include it as relevant experience when applying to intern for an administrative or similar position.

If you conducted your undergraduate research in an area the organisation primarily operates, or deeply cares about, that could be a double bang for you.

If you are applying through a specific person you want to work under, demonstrate your desire for mentorship under the person’s professional guidance.

By demonstrating significant knowledge about the company and its activities by referring to specific projects, press releases or historical information, you show the hiring manager that you have a genuine interest in the company, and this is a big plus that will work in your favour.

Keep the following points in mind when writing your application:

What can I offer the company?
What are they looking for in an intern and how do I match that profile?
Why do I want to work for this company?
Your CV:

Include your CV, no matter how scanty in experience in may look.

The key thing to highlight in your CV specific leadership positions held, previous internship, awards received, voluntary work carried out, relevant courses currently studying.


C/O Mr.

O.Box 23



The Human Resource Director

VOC Internation,

East Ridge, Accra

23rd April, 2016.


Application for a 3 months internship placement

I am writing to you to enquire about a possible internship in your organisation.

I read about your new project on youth empowerment in the three Northern Regions on your company blog, due to commence in May this year, which coincides with our long vacation.

In the last academic year, I was part of a team of volunteers in my District Assembly distributing sewing machines to young girls as part of a larger youth empowerment program.

Not only will I be able to learn and apply the theoretical skills I have learnt in the past four years, but this project will also give me the opportunity to impact the lives of young people, a desire that burns in my heart.


Yours faithfully,


Amah Yeboah

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